Unicorn Trend 2019

Did the unicorn trend started in 2019?

Look around, they are everywhere, and nobody seems to know where they came from, but one thing is for sure, they’re here to stay!

Unicorn Trend 2018

Adding shading and enjoyable to our life, the unicorn drift falls specifically into the dream line of pop culture.

Unicorn cosmetics, garments, frill, nail varnish, soft drinks, journals… are trendy; The decent variety and amount of articles or thoughts of magnificence with topical of this enchantment animal does not stop expanding, despite the fact that it is somewhat misrepresented once in a while, similar to the hairdo of unicorn horn.

There is a lot of room for creativity and imagination, such as the pattern “unicorn Eye-liner “, nothing simple to execute as it requires inventiveness, as well as capacity to pick, join and apply distinctive hues in the line of the eye lid.

Unicorn Frappuccino Starbucks

Distinctive cosmetics brands contend to take out the most unique excellence items propelled by this bright character. A fantastic precedent is the lipstick “Unicorn tears” by Too Faced, which gives an alternate shading to every client, what an amazing idea!

The starting point of a legend

Hang on… where is this interest conceived? at first, the Unicorn is a creature of Greek folklore, which was not known in the West until the middle-age, time in which, as indicated by an article of the French site Stylistic of May 2016, it knows its first blast, since it was the question of interest of researchers, scholars and specialists – and then imagine, from that point forward! – since it was related with profound hunt and immaculateness, also there was the belief that these creatures were granted supernatural powers.

From the nineteenth century, the Unicorn lost the profound implication of yesteryear and, from the 21st century, the fantasy style knows a reverberating achievement, particularly because of the Cinema.

The unicorn has the quirk that encapsulates gentility in an emphasizd way. As indicated by a similar source, the Hyper-ladylike side has been expected and created in the territories of excellence, fashion and way of life in this last century, which makes the unicorn a perfect diplomat, being adorable, delicate and furthermore an image of youth, which upgrades the appeal of the pattern additionally accepted of “woman-young lady”.

The last has turned into another perfect of ideal of womanliness, consolidating two parts of ladies: development and fantasy. This, in light of the fact that it is an image of youth, permits to unwind, overlook and offer shading to every one of the duties of the chaotic and confounded grown-up world today.

What animals will trend in 2020?

That’s something that we will find out soon, but we are pretty sure that Unicorns will remain at the top of the list! πŸ™‚