Unicorn lamp

A cute unicorn lamp is definitely the best possible way to illuminate your home! Here we leave you the best unicorn lamps so that you can bring some light to your home and your heart! Find the one that best fits your home and take one more unicorn home! We have all kinds, from small to big, from white to purple, from cheap to expensive!

Unicorn table lamp

These unicorn-shaped lamps are so fun, fantastic and cute will make children’s spaces and home are ideal and functional in addition to helping to meet an excellent decoration and lighting. The unicorn lamps below are made with charm and high quality. You can put them in any flat surface, normally a table but some of them can be attached to the wall or to the ceiling, it’s up to you really.

The best unicorn lamp

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There is no need to mention the great work of Ebros Gift in all his products and the great impact they have had on people who wonder about everything related to illusion and fantasy. That is why we would like to highlight the great work done by that store in their new unicorn table lamp, which is perfect for children. Awaken the imagination of your kids and let them believe in magic and have sweet dreams.

best unicorn lamp
The best unicorn lamp according to our customers

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This lamp is IDEAL FOR

Make a gift that they will love and remember. This unicorn lamp made by the highest quality materials is what you are looking for! It should be noted that it has two power supplies (batteries included and electrical connection) to be able to take it whereever you want and illuminate the spaces easily. If you’re looking for a portable lamp, search no more!


A unicorn lamp with a premium finishing is perfect for rooms that follow a magical and exoteric decoration. Thanks to the LED bulb included, this unicorn table lamp will provide a warm light while the bulb remains cold, so that children can touch it and observe all their fantasy. Its dimensions are 32.7 x 15.3 x 31.1 centimetres and it weights 730 grams.


  • Includes bulb
  • Premium finish
  • No wires!


  • There is only one model so chances are yours will not be unique and your friends might get jealous and buy one that will be exactly the same.

Why buy a unicorn lamp with light?

We know the importance of decorating, and lighting the house as a personal challenge for everyone, that’s why here you will discover something you surely did not know before … Illuminate the corners of your children with wonderful unicorn lamps! Who would have thought that a Unicorn lamp would be so useful in your home? Choose the one you like best and decorate the house! Bring peace and love to the nights of the little ones of the hose (and the grown ups as well, why not?).

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What is the most important thing when it comes to lighting the house? Infinity of things you will say…, but the fantasy is critical for a young mind. Then, given its importance, they deserve that we select the best options to illuminate the house with a unicorn lamp. We provide you with what we believe is perhaps the “best selection of unicorn lamps”. Hopefully you will not only bring light to the house, but also you will fill it with illusion and mysticism by adding an adorable and fun lump. My little cousin loves unicorns and now cannot go to sleep without his fancy lamp… what could go wrong if a cute unicorn is protecting you while you sleep?


Thanks to its touch technology, many unicorn lamps will switch colours with a simple movement. Some of the models have up to 7 different colours! Most of them are rechargeable thanks to its USB connector, and then you can take it wherever your daughter or son thinks it should be. It also has programmable time so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery if you forget to switch it off. Given its modern and lovely aesthetic, you can put it where you like and it will look amazing.


Something infallible for the home is both to illuminate it and to decorate it! Here you have the satisfaction for both of us through the lights of Unicorns! Who would have thought a pretty Unicorn chandelier could accomplish so much for you? Choose the one you enjoy the most and decorate your home while solving your nightlife!

What is more important than having acceptable lighting in the home? Well, there are several things in reality, but this is also very important :).

For this reason, as it is something critical, it deserved that we select the most used lamps to install in the house. That’s why we brought you this collection of cute unicorn lamps.

Now, you can illuminate the house, but that at the same time it is decorated with a unique style, giving it an adorable and fun point! I already have one on my desk, where will you put yours?


As we always mention, you can send us your images of how you have decorated your house from unicorns to us. From here we are going to share the best ideas to motivate and inspire the rest of the unicorn fans.

Also, as we understand that the lamps are something to be cautious with, we decided to distribute them through Amazon. In this way we guarantee our users the customer service they have. As you all know, this is the best service you can find on the Internet! That’s why all you have to do now is choose your favorite and enjoy them!

Light up your life with a beautiful unicorn lamp. In this way you will have the chance to be happy and you will never fall into darkness. Just let yourself go and be happy with these adorable little animals.

Giant unicorn lamp

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Surely you’ve noticed this recent trend of huge unicorn lamps in the social media. They are a bit bulky, but they look amazing and are absolutely fabulous and super cute. Many people use them in parties and birthdays but some also use it as a “not so normal” living room lamp. If you like unicorns, what could be better to decorate your house than one of these massive lights? Pick your favourite colour one and receive it at home in no time! Your family and friends will be shocked but they will love it!

Unicorn lamp shade

Some people prefer a classic lamp with the cylindric shape, but to make it more special they put a unicorn picture in the shade.

If that’s what you are after, you might want to buy it online or if you feel like doing it yourself have a look at this tutorial below:

You will need the following materials:

  • A normal lamp
  • A white lampshade
  • Felt (made of flower and leaves)
  • Tulle Fabric
  • Foam sheet, in multiple colours: white, pink, and glitter
  • An Ear and a horn
  • A black sharpie for eyelash
  • A pink oil pastel for the blush (you can use any other color)
  • Hot glue

Personalised unicorn lamp

Since this device will most likely be placed in kid’s room, many people ask us about personalised lamps with the name of the child on it. This is something you can easily do it yourself with bit of patience. Follow this steps:

  • Print the letters in the size and font that you like
  • Carefully cut the border of the letters with scissors or a cuter
  • Place the paper above the shade and fix it with masking/painter’s tape
  • With a permanent marker or a brush, paint the holes of the paper
  • Remove the tape and the paper, and voila:

Other unicorn lamps

Many people contact us asking where to buy unicorn lamps online, or where to buy Target’s unicorn lamp in stores. There are also other popular products like the gold unicorn lamp, or aloka magic unicorn lamp. 

DIY Unicorn lights solutions

How to make a marquee unicorn lamp out of paper

If you are interested in making your own lights, check out this tutorial. It’s not hard and the resulting product will be unique and very rewarding.

How to use the unicorn tech 3watt lamp

The DIY unicorn lighting is very popular nowadays, but there’s also people that don’t know how to use the led based lights. If that’s your case don’t worry, it is very easy, works like a normal light. Some of them include a sensor that detects movement and when you touch it it would change the intensity or the color. The most high end devices include even a remote but they are easy peasy to use so don’t get fussed and just press one button at a time, you’ll learn how it works in no time.