How to draw a Unicorn step by step

We know how much you like unicorns and it’s really fun and entertaining to draw them on paper and then give them colour and make them unique, giving them our personal touch.

How to draw a unicorn easy, following the steps

Don’t worry if you are not good at drawing or if you haven’t drawn a unicorn before, we’ll show you how to do it slowly and step by step to make sure you don’t get lost.

Basically, drawing a beautiful unicorn is like drawing a horse, but with an obvious extra addition in the forefront head 🙂

The first thing you need to do before you can learn how to draw this cute animal is a white piece of paper and a pencil. The first time you will probably need an eraser as well until you get the technique so make sure you have one on hand as well.

Once you’ve got all of this you are ready to begin. We think that an image is worth a thousand words, and if you get a thousand images (aka a video), then that’s even better so there you go, find below a detailed video with all the instructions to draw your favourite creature step by step:

After you’ve watched this video you should probably have become already a master in drawing these funny animals.

In case you are struggling, check out this step by step guide of unicorn drawings. If you are interested only in drawing the unicorn head, no worries, we are here to assist you on this process as well. Here you are: A guide step by step with specific instructions to draw only the head of an unicorn, just like the emoji 🦄 but much bigger :).

How to draw a unicorn head

The head of the unicorn is the most delicate part, as you need to make sure it looks like a horse, but at the same time it needs to have its horn so it’s clear that this is not a common animal. You want to ensure that your creation differentiates itself from other boring drawings, so you’ve got to pay special attention when you draw it.

It can be very hard to draw a realistic picture, so we recommend you to go for the easy option which is drawing the emoji version of it. This video explain it very well:

We advice you to watch this videos and follow the steps exactly as they are shown until you are confident and can repeat the process without looking at the video anymore. Once you reach that point, then you should start introducing your own personal changes to make it look different and even more cute!

Now, after watching those videos and following our tips, hopefully you should be able to follow the steps and you are ready to make your own drawings and share them proudly with your friends and family. Here we’ll show you a few of the best drawings that we’ve found which hopefully will give you some inspiration:

See you soon sweeties, we hope you enjoyed drawing your custom unicorn following the above tutorial! Please leave us a comment if you get stuck at any stage.