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Jokes β†’ about unicorns

Jokes about unicorns

  • Nonexistent things : 1. Unicorns 2. Friendship between M and G 3. Publications signing your stolen pictures.
  • Kazakh was glad to see the unicorn because the shish kebab and the skewer together were something new.
  • – You need to take a blood drug test. – In the meantime, will my unicorn be stolen?
  • One boy lived in Imagination, drove a unicorn and worked in his profession.
  • Show me the woman who fits in, and I’ll show you the dragon and unicorn.
  • The first-grade son, picking pasta on a plate, suddenly asked: – Dad, does the unicorn have a digestive system? I quickly got out of the stupor (I had a lot of experience) and thought, confidently said ^ – Yes, I do. My wife thoughtfully summed up our discussion: – Unicorns – no. There is a digestive system of unicorns.
  • Who hasn’t tried drugs, let him throw a unicorn at me first.
  • You’re under arrest for attempted unicorn and drug possession.
  • Announcement: “The Chernobyl horse farm sells pegasuses, unicorns and centaurs. Wholesale buyers discounts “.
  • Dogs who are looking for drugs, need to dress up in unicorn costumes. Many of them will fall from the same species.
  • – Don’t you believe in love and loyalty at all? – Oh, come on. Of course I do. Wait. My phone rings. It’s probably Santa Claus about that pot of leprechaun gold that I owe a can of fairies as a loan installment for a little unicorn that I didn’t even bring home because it was eaten by a dragon.
  • Bad when you ride your favorite unicorn, and they try to tie you up and take you to the hospital.
  • – You will need to take a blood test. – In the meantime, will my unicorn be stolen?
  • Drugs won’t do any good, but they will bring you to the fairytale castle, where unicorns meet with a cheerful laugh.
  • – Daughter, you can decide who you want to become. – But Mom! I want to be a unicorn princess! – Okay, so lawyer

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