Unicorns List – Who’s a unicorn?

Who is the unicorn?

A few years ago, the startup for a billion was extremely rare. However, now companies are also attracting venture capital funds at more mature stages, thanks to which the number of unicorn startups grows day by day. And some of them have the proud title of “super-unicorn”.

This means that they have managed to achieve a capitalization of more than 10 billion dollars. In order to get the status of a “unicorn”, a startup on average takes about 7 years.

More successful in this field are those companies that employ educated and experienced people, and the team has its own history and a long period of work together. And while scientists are wondering, “isn’t that a bubble?

“What is the secret to such rapid growth of startups?


The Chinese company run by Asian Steve Jobs Lei Jun was established in 2010. Unicorn spent the attracted investments to develop its own smartphone, and until 2012 the startup worked without profit. Today, Xiaomi is a successful company, with an army of fans around the world and a value of 46 billion dollars.


In 2009, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanikov created the company Uber, which later became one of those who are changing the world around them. Startup, thanks to its practicality and timeliness, quickly grew into a successful business worth $41 billion. Taxi drivers around the world are striking against a modern and democratic project, while Uber himself is introducing helicopters and boats to the fleet to cross the Bosporus.


Brian Cheskey, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharzik – these three people in 2008 excited the hotel business by offering Airbnb. Apartment and housing search service from private individuals with a transparent system of reviews and reasonable prices quickly became the main service for finding accommodation for travelers. Today the startup is estimated at $20 billion.


Palantir is a unique unicorn company, which was established in 2004. Unlike the majority of representatives of our list, it is not focused on mass consumption. Palantir is an information analysis system used by the government in the fight against terrorism, as well as by banks, foundations and financial firms in their internal work.

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