Unicorns Colors – The habitat of unicorns

Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns

Habitats of unicorns


    • General description
    • Species description
      • British unicorn
      • Indian
    • European
    • Unicorns-Elements
    • Angel Unicorns
    • Besovsky
    • Mirror Angie
    • Western unicorn
    • Rainbow unicorns
    • Small unicorns
    • Silver
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
  • Reasons for absence among people
  • Conclusions

Beautiful good animals from fairy tales, snow-white horses with a golden horn on their heads are unicorns. Meeting them promises great luck. How to meet a unicorn if it does not go towards him: it is worth getting closer to them.

Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns

General description

A unicorn is a mythical magical creature whose entire power is accumulated in his only horn. This horn is truly priceless. It is characterized by the following qualities:

  • grinded horn can cure any disease;
  • several grams of powder restore lost youth;
  • , a bowl made of horn, neutralizes the poison in it;
  • , the poisoned liquid in which the horn is lowered, boils;
  • , the magic unicorn horn sweats next to the poisoned food.

Not only is the horn useful unicorn. The wool of this creature also has healing properties. It was applied to wounds and injected into ointments. Their magic tears can heal any wound and the blood gives them immortality.

The man who kills a beautiful creature and gets drunk with his blood will be invincible, but as soon as the first drop touches the killer’s lips, he will be cursed forever, and this terrible curse will pass through time on his descendants’ shoulders.

It takes a long time to argue about what a unicorn looks like. The first mention of these creatures was found in the annals of Ancient Greece. The unicorn is not mentioned once in the mythology of Ancient Greece. But in scientific works these creatures were mentioned often.

In his book “The Indica”, Ktesius describes the creature as a pair of hoofed creatures, whose size exceeds the size of a horse. He has a white body and a burgundy-red head with blue eyes, and a single horn grows on his forehead: white below, black in the middle, and red above. Other Greek historians also mention a large horse with a horn between the eyes.

The ancient Greeks were convinced that they existed.
Later, the ancient Romans agreed with them. Julius Caesar’s notes describe his meeting with the animal. The Roman Emperor sees him as a bull with a deer torso and an incredibly long straight horn in the middle of his forehead.

Other peoples attributed the creature to the body of a goat and an antelope, and the tail of a wild boar or elephant. So, the east unicorn acted in the image of a white donkey and could brag of 3 legs, 6 eyes and 9 mouths. The head of such a creature was crowned with a skilful horn of pure gold.

The concept carries a great symbolic load:

  1. Integrity, chastity, purity.
  2. Strictness, severity.
  3. Prudence, caution, prudence.
  4. Selfishness, purity of thought.
  5. Abundance and longevity.

Images of unicorns were used on various coats of arms, coins, and state seals. These creatures decorated pharmacies and hospitals.

Species description

All unicorns eat flowers and drink dew. Favorite delicacies are rosehip inflorescences, but opinions diverge about where to find them. Each species has its own preferences.

British unicorn

Represents a large snow-white horse with a silver straight long horn. The distinctive feature of this species is its lion’s tail with a tassel and bifurcated hooves.

Britons are good-natured but very careful. Habitats are the forests of England.


This is a very fragile and elegant, horse-like creature. It is similar in size to a young stallion. The body of this unicorn ends with a tail with a silver tassel. His wool is white with a bluish tint and his horn is golden, ornate in shape.

Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns

Indian representatives live in the jungle. They have an unpredictable character.


is characterized by sluggishness and slowness. It is a cargo creature with a thick horse’s torso and bifurcated hooves. He has a small but strong horn on his head. The color of the unicorn changes depending on the season: in summer it becomes gray-brown, and in winter it becomes lighter. The European representatives are fat people who are fertilizers. They prefer to live in swampy forests.

Winged people love mountainous areas. They live on steep cliffs. Winged creatures look like graceful horses with wings. Depending on the structure of the wing, .
..are the following subgroups of unicorns:

  • dragonfly butterflies with transparent wings;
  • leather with webbed wings;
  • classical wings of which have plumage, as in birds.

These unicorns love people and are always ready to come to the aid of the needy.

Unicorns are elementals

They are higher beings firmly connected to elements. Based on this, the following subtypes of elementals are distinguished:

  • water representatives – azure unicorns living in large reservoirs;
  • air elements – are translucent winged creatures living on top of mountains;
  • fire unicorns have a bright red, flaming color and settle in the vents of volcanoes;
  • elemental lands are gray unicorns that live in forests.

All Elements have platinum ornate horns between their eyes. They do not communicate with people and try not to show themselves in front of them.

Angel unicorns

live in parallel worlds. These are sexless creatures that appear from the lumps of light energy. Externally, they are similar to the Indian ones, but are even smaller in height. These individuals have magical powers:

    • move through the air without wings;
    • pass through walls and rocks;
    • are invulnerable to fire and water.

    Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns

    Angels can come to the aid of a desperate person. Because of their great potential, they often save lives.


    Dangerous to humans. Meeting them promises misfortune and grief. Demons are poisonous. The blood or saliva of such a creature burns the body, and the wound he inflicts makes a person crazy. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the Devil’s unicorns are never the first to attack, they can only defend themselves.

    Outwardly, the Devils resemble large crow horses with a black straight horn on their forehead. They have no pupils, so the eyes seem to be a bottomless black abyss. These creatures live in dark, dense forests.

    Mirror Angie

    Features a specific wool. It represents thousands of the finest wires, tightly adjoining each other. Looking at Angie, it seems to be mirror-like. This unicorn has a large straight silver horn and a steel eye color.

    Mirror Angie does not pose a threat to people, but prefers not to face them. This one in
    the magic beast lives next to waterfalls.

    Western unicorn

    Has dark brown, chocolate wool and emerald green spiral horn. He is much faster than his other unicorn brothers. The creature loves to run on American prairies. Meeting him promises good luck.

    Rainbow unicorns

    Live on riverbanks and in fields near water bodies. These unicorns have too long legs. The torso of these creatures can be black, gray and white, and the mane and tail play in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow.

    Rainbow species are thermophilic because their wool is not very thick. They have a passion for the rain and are very happy with the warm droplets. The species of these creatures are winged rainbows, which are born every 100 years.

    Small unicorns

    are more like ponies in size. They desperately fear people and leave their hiding places at night once a year. The full moon must shine in the sky. On nights like this, they conceive their babies. The habitat of these creatures is the forest thickets.


    Has silver wool. His bottomless blue eyes are framed by thick black eyelashes. Meeting him can be dangerous. The people who hurt him become victims of a terrible curse. Silver creatures live in thick, impassable forests.


    Known as Qilin. The description of this unicorn runs counter to the usual descriptions of other similar creatures. It is a horse with a dragon’s head, whose body is covered with shimmering scales. Cylin’s skin is light-blue because of the blue blood flowing through it.

    The habitats of Chinese unicorns are not indicated. All we know is that they themselves come to people, bringing them long-awaited children.


    Has the name Kirin. This creature is more like a dragon than a horse. He has tiger paws, fluffy tail and mane, and has teeth on his back along the ridge. Kirijn has a bright turquoise color. Nothing is said about where unicorns live.

    Kirini, like the Chinese brothers, come from nowhere themselves. Bright guardians of justice and the law, they may appear at an unfair trial. Then the real perpetrator of the crime will be killed by the creature, and the illegally convicted one will be released.

    Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns

    Reasons for absence among people

    ( In memorable times, unicorns were very sociable and easily contacted people. These magical creatures were friendly and often came to the rescue of people, but the priceless horn did not give peace to greedy people. They began to hunt and kill good-natured animals in packs.

    When the unicorn genus stood at the doorstep of extinction, the remaining representatives stayed away from people and chose loneliness, but the hunting did not stop. Cunning people began to lure creatures with virgins. These girls were the only representatives of people from whom the frightened creatures did not expect a trick. They bowed their heads and fell asleep on the girls’ lap. When they learned of the betrayal, they fought for their lives and accepted the challenge of the people.

    Hunting magic creatures was not easy. They always had high speed and no power. They easily slipped away from any hunter. The unicorn could not be surrounded either. If the creature felt the danger approaching, it went towards the rocks and cliffs. As soon as the chase ring was closed, he would snap down, taking a couple of hunters with him. People crashed, and the magic beast fell on a strong horn and remained intact.

    Unicorns Colors - The habitat of unicorns



    Magic creature habitats are vaguely described, but the location of one unicorn is known to be accurate. On a clear August night, a cluster of stars in the form of a horse with a long horn can be seen. It is a constellation of unicorn.

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