Unicorn Vs Pegasus – Tricks are tests for girls

Unicorn Vs Pegasus - Tricks are tests for girls

÷ Are you a unicorn or a pegasus? And which one? ÷

Unicorn Vs Pegasus - Tricks are tests for girls

Do you want to know if you are a Pegasus or a unicorn? And which one is it?! They also have varieties! Goldelia, a uniform, … In general, you will find out in this test! Six results: 3 unicorns and 3 pegasuses! The test is interesting and not boring! Welkome!

1. Hiya! So, what color do you like better? Purple, blue Cyan Pink, green Black Yellow White

2. Which coat do you like best (a kitten or puppy, for example)? Hard and strong Thin and silky Short, but thick Normal soft wool Soft and very thick as cotton Long and clean

3. Ok! And where would you like to live? In the blossoming garden On the seashore In the green forest In the meadow In the mountains I would like to travel

4. Choose the animal: Dog Lan Rabbit Wolf Cerna Cat

5. Would you like to fly? Yes, sometimes Yes, of course I do! I would fly all eternity! I don’t know. I don’t know. No! I feel good enough!

6. Understandable) What color are your eyes? Blue Blue, other Black, dark brown Grey Brown, golden brown Green

7. Which element(s) are you closer to? Water Earth Air Fire and earth Air and earth Air and earth Water and water

8. Choose a bird: Peacock Pigeon Falcon Swan Swan Chaika

9. And the last thing: what do you do in your spare time (except the Internet)? I listen to music I play and communicate with friends I draw, sing, read, love to walk, watch TV I sit on the Internet, rarely do something else I sometimes walk, sometimes read…

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