Unicorn Spit – Unicorn Story

I was sitting on a tree somehow, and I accidentally looked through a classmate’s window. And she had a specific party there, I understood from the sweaty windows. I decided to call her. Ring-back tone…still buzzing…and a beep.
– Priv. The tomato is in touch. – Annie whispered loudly and suspiciously
– Do you have a party?
Annie squinting, it was clearly audible on the speaker. – WATCHING ME? HOW IS UZNAL?
-Yes, I am looking out your window. – The author said what the beeps were growling at in the tube.
Annie didn’t run up to the window and opened it, and Guk sneezed a goose in the shade of the corridor.
-What are you doing here? The fifth floor, your fucking ass?
– Yeah, it seems like a real banned party. When I crossed my arms on the window sill, I purrred.
-Stop. What’s that from Jungi? Do you know what it is for your life?
-And what about him? He’s sleeping.
-He’s a fucking centaur! -I shouted loudly standing on the window sill.
-He didn’t mind, honestly! – Annie screamed not.
– If he didn’t wake up, it doesn’t mean he agrees. By the way, where did you get your horse’s body from?
I sniffed, smelled like desperate childhood dreams, and then looked at the dark corner where Guk was hiding.
– That’s Tae’s unicorn, isn’t it?
– No. -Glaza Annie not An An Eun started running on my plane.
Only now have I noticed that Annie’s face wasn’t in LGBT sparkles.
-Where’s Esteban? Te will be angry when he finds out! – I started to panic at Jungi, which he was not happy with, but I did not wake up.
– Greetings to the earthlings. – Something came out of under the bed in a green robe with a green photo of Gin glued to it and rabbit ears of the same swamp green color.
– Mother of God! – I wailed when it reached out to me.
-It’s all right, it’s an alien, he’s with me.
-I didn’t use it, did I?! Why do I see it?!
-Will you shake hands or not? – I could tell from my voice that it was Tae.
I climbed out from under the hooves of a sugar so I didn’t wake up and took Hyun by the hand to help me get out of bed.
– Good earthman, I will reward you. – Hold this.
I unwittingly held the head of the poor unicorn while Tae was working on his horn. Esteban obviously liked it, because LGBT sequins were pouring out of his mouth right into the pot. Then he put the pot on the table and put Esteban back on the table. He pulled the curtains and made a long groan that looked like a whale’s death scream.
Guk came out of the corridor goose in his hand was a phone, and in the other clearly not the first freshness of a sock.
– Chim and Hosok will arrive soon. – The liver was pierced with contempt.
– Where were they at all? – Annie asked.
– They flew to Japan to buy some strings for Chim-chim.
– What is it? Your thong? – I asked Tae.
-You know very well! T, stop it. I was already on the sidelines.
-Which Tee? – all three of us asked the chorus.
– If you’re talking about Tae-young, he’s on the moon. – Annie said Annie wasn’t Ahn Jang Eun.
I had nothing to say, I only cared what would happen if Mom and the Pope came.
An alien came up to Guk and put a pot of sequins on his head.
-Quea, soon the guests will be quitting. Make some more,” he said, allegedly in Tae’s secret language.
– She doesn’t know anything,” he whispered, looking at me.
– No-meow.” I answered why Guk almost dropped the pot. After a shock he quietly sank into the corridor.
A doorbell rang. Annie didn’t go to open the door with the Amazon shouting. It was Chim and Hosok.
Hosok went to Hook’s bathroom to see if everything was prescription, and Chimin ran to the room carrying red on his back like Annie’s pyramid not.
– What’s wrong with her? – I asked with one eyebrow up.
Chimin’s screams were interrupted by Hosok and Juni woke up.
Jungi had a nervous breakdown and started crying. Guk came out of the corridor again, he picked up Junge’s tears and poured them into his sock. He began to crack him like it was a maracas. Afterwards, he put a sock on the inside of his sock and put it in a microwave oven. After 15 minutes the perfect Hosk powder was ready, but with some Hooke’s innovations.
– Stop! How did you get rid of the blue color? And why did the Juniks even put it in?
– Tears of Sugar kill blue. That’s why it’s the purest powder. That’s what the Juniks are doing.
– But how could I not guess before? I climbed under the bed with a suitcase of Chimin’s new string.
– Annie isn’t, and you’re not afraid of Jin and Mon coming back?
-No, they’re on their wedding journey.
– What? Then give me that powder too!
Ta gave everyone a glass with a straw for easy sniffing.
I raised the mug up with a scream.
– For l
And then Mon and Gene came out of the darkness of the corridor. They watched with horror as Tae and Hooke were slapping each other with slaps, as Jungi was weeping, and Chimin was holding Annie not An An An Eun’s mother on his back. And the way Jin is depressed because Biscuit powder is better. How he opens the suitcase with the thong, but Jin’s squirrels jump out of it in the same thong.
– It’s all her! – The chorus shouted at me with their fingers.
– Come on, I hate you!
– Mommy Jean, why did you come back? – Annie didn’t ask.
He turned his fierce gaze of a horse with a grudge against me to Annie, and he became as soft as a bread roll.
– Namajoon just confused a five-star hotel in Italy with a prison in Magadan and accidentally destroyed the wall, now all the criminals are out there. Now we have come to inform you that we are returning to Korea.

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