Unicorn Rocking Horse – We’ll ride the unicorn!

Review: Toys rocking The Children’s Place Unicorn – We’ll jump on a unicorn!

Review recommend: 109 41 Dignity: Beautiful, with sound and light, the child likes to ride. Disadvantages: Expensive, maneuverable. Today we are two years old, and we received a rocking chair as a gift, but not a simple one, but a unicorn, so beautiful.


It looks like an ordinary horse, but it has a horn on its forehead, and so it’s still a unicorn.

A unicorn is attached to a wooden swinging stand with two bars. The stand and the unicorn itself are gently lilac in color, “hooves” are white, and on the head from the place of placing the horns, rhombus, mouth and breast are also white, everything is very nicely combined.

The material is very soft, pleasant to the touch. The mane and tail are purple, the mane can be woven into braids. On the head on both sides of the wooden handles, blue eyes, bridle, lilac dense ribbon.

The seat is blue, dense, attached below on a velcro, can be removed.

Small ears, if you press any of them, the unicorn will open your mouth, laugh and the chest will burn flashing, little red heart. To have a light and sound effect, it is necessary to insert batteries, there is a special cut on the abdomen, which is carefully closed on the velcro.

The instructions are sealed in a small bag, which is designed to close and open repeatedly. Inside is still the same, a small bag with three spare screws.

Instruction on one sheet, very simple and understandable. Here is a list of parts, the assembly is described and shown in the figure and how to insert the battery, as well as precautions for handling the battery. The battery is not included.

One of the crossbars is glued with a label written in very small font. Here is the name of the toy, the article number. There is a characteristic, a warning that the toy is intended for children over one year old and the maximum weight will withstand up to 30 kg.

While her niece was like that, only the pony) while she was enjoying herself, we are waiting for the second one to grow and watch the horsewoman again), we will all be happy with her.

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