Unicorn Quiz – Five facts about unicorns that you probably don’t know

Five facts about unicorns that you probably don’t know

Emóji and his unicorns lead to impotence

. This was an anti-edinocrine statement made by Professor John Hart of the University of Illinois.

The good Dr. John studied two groups of male volunteers aged 25 to 50. The first group received several times a day an emodsie with a unicorn image, the second group received a photo with a Playboy model. Further tests showed that the second group was more satisfied with the quality of their sexual life.

Farthesting unicorns help to cope with depression

Psychologist Georgina Hudson from the University of San Francisco at the last scientific conference, on mental disorders, called emodsies with farting unicorns “natural and safe antidepressants.

“These animals are archetypical. They symbolize liberation from all unnecessary things, urge us not to keep the negative in ourselves,” Joanna said. In the course of her research, she investigated the reaction of depressed patients to messengers. Those who received more than a dozen messages a day with emodsie farting unicorns slept better at night and used less sedatives than those who had cats and sobbing smileys in their messages.

High-fat unicorns provoke panic attacks

Especially if BMI in these mythological animals exceeds 30,” says psychologist Colin Berne from Pennsylvania. According to Colin, his own appearance in a unicorn suit at night in the kitchen of her neighbor caused her real panic. Panic resumed every time Bern sent her an appropriate emodsie. According to experts, the experiment will end at the police station.

Another participant in the doping scandal seems to be the hero of the famous novel “Alice in the Mirror”. The Carroll Association of Biographers and Researchers found documents confirming the use of the banned drug by unicorn. The British newspaper The Telegraph called this scandal an unprecedented event in the history of literature. Now the Crown Warriors’ Association demands that the unicorn be stripped of its titles, black bread and pie.

Unicorns-Adventist tolerance tolerance is doubled by the security rate of oatmeal meatballs

Sorry, this is not a fact. Just a description of a bakery from a popular Chinese site.

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Got it? Cho-cho-cho? Are you even normal there? 🙂

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