Unicorn Hot Chocolate – dream rainbow drink

unicorn hot chocolate cafe – dream rainbow drink

let’s make a delicious and trendy rainbow drink in a single chocolate cafe

Game Details

The Game Description

unicorn hot chocolate cafe is a dessert simulation game, where you need to prepare and decorate amazing cold winter drinks for your friends and family in your home kitchen as a tea expert, coffee baker and amazing drink.
What could be better than sipping a cup of luminous hot chocolate when you sit by the fireplace in your bedroom after a foodie cardigan in your chef’s hometown during the cold winter?
it warms you from head to toe and fits perfectly with the melting of white chocolate.
chocolate milkshake lovers rejoice at how it’s time to make their own hot cocoa cocktails!
and with the most fashionable cold product for unicorn here you will have the most delicious coffee preparation.
add so many fashionable unicorn decorations to the hot unicorn chocolate cafe.
cook and bake a stunning vanilla cheese pie to serve this celestial tea beverage to your customers’ restaurant in single-place cafe chocolate. Little boys and girls who like to make summer and winter drinks in their home cuisine will love this glowing sweet dish,
to cook delicious fresh fruit juices for the summer, as well as dark chocolate for the winter night in the restaurant of the chef of Italian cuisine.
Your customers will love this delightful sweet ice cream drink for cold winters in a hot unicorn chocolate cafe next to your home kitchen milkshake shop.
as a head chef and a great dessert maker, people will love this amazing hot chocolate drink in your school café shop.
it will be a juicy, chilled pleasure for your fans.
don’t forget to put your delicious hot chocolate drinks in the nearest supermarket and supermarket store.

your cooking skills and baking experience make you a kitchen professional.
cook delicious cupcakes and a delicious chocolate cake in your bakery shop and serve them a hot cocktail drink to your fried customers at a barbecue restaurant with hot unicorn chocolate.
unicorn hot chocolate recipe – add all the ingredients, white hot chocolate chips, pink raincoats, milk and vanilla extract to the pot. – Mix and heat all the ingredients together. – Choose the colour of the food you like to make rainbow ice cream
and combine the colours together.
it should be the most beautiful topping – decorate your hot chocolate with a ton of unicorn decorations. – Enjoy your sweet rainbow hot chocolate with your mom – take a picture to share with friends and family gameplay with a gameplay hot.inicorn: – super
fashionable unicorn food creation game. – Make hot chocolate from scratch.
Enjoy culinary fun. – Design hot chocolate with fashionable unicorn jewelry. – Enjoy the most popular hot unicorn chocolate in winter. – Take a picture to share with family and friends.

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