Unicorn Cake Deco

Unicorn Cake Deco

Recipes for making a beautiful and delicious birthday cake with your own hands

A mythical creature with a horse’s body and a big horn on its forehead, symbolizing absolute goodness, dignity and strength of mind, and able to fulfill the most cherished desire of the person who caught it. All this is a unicorn, which is so loved by children. So why not please the little birthday boy with a dessert cake “Unicorn”, maybe he too can fulfill the desire?

The content of the material:

  • 1 Master class, how to make a unicorn figure from mastic
  • 2 Holiday unicorn cake
  • 3 Cooking without mastic
  • 4 “Rainbow Unicorn” with his hands
  • 5 Based on “Red velvet” cake
  • 6 Important recommendations

Master class, How to make a unicorn figure from mastic

To make a realistic unicorn figure from mastic, having sustained all proportions, it seems unrealistic? It is not a problem, because even those who last sculpted with plasticine in art classes, will be able to easily repeat the cute figure of a sitting unicorn fumigation.

Unicorn Cake Deco Unicorn Cake Deco Unicorn Cake Deco

To make it you will need: a wooden skewer for the frame, white mastic for the body, pink for the hooves and literally a small piece of mastic of various bright colors for mane, tail and horn.

Lepim in steps:

  1. From white mastic, form two identical balls – body and head. Give the body a pear-shaped shape, always selecting the tummy. Sit the torso on a wooden skewer.
  2. A small piece of white mastic is rolled up into a sausage that is cut into four pieces – legs. From the pink sausage form and glue to the feet of the hoof. Attach the front and rear legs to the torso.
  3. From another white ball of mastic, form the head by highlighting the bottom of the muzzle. Make eye cavities where you can insert darker pieces of mastic. Press the mouth cavity on the muzzle to make a tongue out of a piece of pink mastic.
  4. Put your head on the body skewer. Next, roll up the multicolored mastic in thin flagellae and place it on your head in the form of a mane, and attach the tail of them to your torso.
  5. To make a horn of colored mastic roll balls, then squeeze them a little and collect them with a pyramid from a larger diameter to a smaller one. Shape the horn into a cone and attach it to your head.

Enjoy your cute Unicorn Cake Deco!

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