Startup Unicorn

Startup Unicorn

Today we are going to learn something from companies, in this case about Unicorn Startups. Many of you will be wondering what the world of entrepreneurship has to do with unicorns, and really, nothing. The name of these companies comes from the fact that like unicorns, they are almost fantasy companies. Novel, with great benefits etc.

What is a Unicorn 2018 Startup?

The Unicorn Startup are newly created companies with a value greater than 1,000 million dollars. As VentureBeat mentions, taking into account the statistics since the creation of this term, 2016, there are 225 companies considered as Startup of unicorns. These are generally distributed between the United States, from where the majority come, with a total of 124, then China with 33 and finally Europe, where there are only 13. It is worth mentioning that among all these companies there is a value of 1.3 billion dollars.

Anyway, what do you mean when you speak of unicorns in the business world?

As we have been repeating for quite some time on our unicorn page, these are mythological and fabulous animals. Anyway, as much as in the business world if it has a different meaning, that’s where the shots go.

The name comes from the year 2013, when Aileen Lee, director of Cowboy Ventures, mentioned the term to refer to technology companies that reach a value of one billion dollars in their creation process. This is due to the fact that this type of companies seemed like a myth until then, although now four of this style are created annually.

Which are the biggest Unicorn Startups in 2019?

The elite of the largest companies, within this select group, is made up of Facebook, Xiaomi, Uber, Linkedin, Palantir, Airbnb, Workday, Flipkart, Dropbox, Snapchat and Twitter. It has to be said that this keeps changing year after year, but for now all this movement comes from the United States and Asia. Although in Spain we have high hopes with the entrepreneur Kijotlsma, who is trying to create the biggest Startup in history. Also, differing from the rest in something that we lack in these times, customers cease to be the product, as is the case in others such as Google, Yahoo or Facebook.

If you like the world of entrepreneurship, I’m sure you’ve heard of such companies. Especially because it is one of the most mentioned topics in the world of entrepreneurs. In addition to viral videos, important articles by great journalists such as “Welcome to the unicorn Club” by Tech Crunch, up to a Fortune list of the 80 best unicorn startups.


  • They were created in the era of social networks, which have been their support to be where they are.
  • They are B2C, which means that they have no intermediaries and it is they who reach the final client
  • In the last decade 4 companies have been born per year of this style.
  • They are very profitable, so much so that for every dollar invested they have generated more than 25.
  • The age of the founders of these companies is around 34 years on average.
  • An average of three entrepreneurs participate per company.

Every day you learn something new! Today it was about companies and marketing! But I know that most of you are here for being unicorn lovers, that’s why I left here a list of our unicorns BLOG that probably interests you more.

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