Cute Unicorn Backpacks

If you are looking for a special and unique bookbag to carry all your precious stuff, you’ve arrived to the perfect place. We know how important is for students, hikers and every person in general to keep all their belongings in a safe and comfortable knapsack.

Unicorn Backpack

Of course, it is expected that a backpack has several features, such as zippers, multiple bags, a protection for the back and the shoulders, etc.. It’s the best way to carry heavier loads for a long time, a preferred solution than the usage of handbags.

Their capacity can vary depending on the needs but theres a wide range of sizes that fits all tastes and use cases.

However, if you landed here chances are you are not looking for a common bag. Instead, you are after something more genuine and original.

Unicorn bags for kids

We know exactly the kind of products that you like, and we have created this massive collection of cute unicorn backpacks specially for you.

We have bags for girls, for boys, for kids, for children and even for adult students.

There are multiple designs and sizes, and some of the bags are even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if it suddenly starts raining and you are in the middle of nowhere, because your stuff will be dry and safe.

In our catalog you’ll find blue, purple, pink, white and black bags, they are all lovely and they all have something in common: they have unicorns all over the place.

Some of them have rainbows, clouds, hearts and stars, and some exclusive designs even have magical unicorns with wings.

Just order the one you like and enjoy! 🙂

Hello Unicorn Backpack

This lovely pink backpack has become very popular. Many people contact us anxiously asking for this product without even saying hello, ironically :).

If you are looking for this specific product, have a look a this picture below:

Interestingly, the hello unicorn bag is not available in amazon at the moment, however you aren’t out of luck here. You can buy it at Alternatively you can buy a very similar Hello Unicorn carbon backpack using prime delivery.

Justice Unicorn Bag

There we go, yet another well known brand that has designed a unicorn backpack and it’s getting sold out. Many people struggle to buy this bag. If you are lucky you might be able to purchase it from here, but better be quick as stock runs out fast!

Most people complains that these are girls unicorn backpacks and they want some unisex products. Keep calm and keep browsing :), we have models and recommendations for all kinds of gender, age, condition and even religion :), you will find what you are looking for, if not, let us know and we will try our best to help you out!

Pottery barn unicorn backpack

Last, but not least, the brand Pottery Barn has released a very comfortable and robust bag with stunning unicorn stamps on it. The truth is that the designs are more conservative than the other brands but still lots of people like them although I personally prefer the ones above, but that’s just my own personal opinion. Anyway, have a look at it and let us know your thoughts on them!

Unicorn backpack for school

We have bags for teens that are the perfect size to put inside everything you need to get to school. They are really comfortable and will keep your back protected and painless. The unicorn designs are awesome, all your friends will be jealous and soon will ask you where you get it so they can buy their own one.

Mini Backpacks

We also have smaller bags for the kids that don’t need to carry that much weight and only need a few things and some snacks. They are ideal for kindergarten and early years of school aged children that do not require that much space and load. At this age anything that encourages them to use their imagination and develop creativity skill will do wonders for them, and one of this bags is the perfect treat.

Why buy cute unicorn backpacks?

Well, you obviously like unicorns and all the stuff around them. These mythological creatures, usually represented with a white horse, and a horn in the forehead, are just enigmatic and amazing at the same time.

People simple fall in love with this lonely animal, and as the story tells that only the ones with pure heart, goodwill, and charm are able to see them.

Now, while having a bag with unicorns won’t necessary make you a better person, it will help you to remember all these things, and remind you and everyone around the beautifulness and the freedom of a pure soul.

Don’t be afraid to share your passion with the people that loves you, and let the powerful feelings of the magic and the mystery around the unicorn stories get in your consciousness.

Carrying a backpack with unicorns will make your journey more pleasant, and you will feel protected and safer by a magic halo… if you believe in those things 🙂

Last but not least, the unicorn bags are super cute and much nicer than the boring and flat common bookbags. Looking at it will cheer you up every morning when you pick it up before heading to school, and you have plenty of designs so surely you’ll find one that you really like in our catalog of products.